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1. What are the Park timings?

Unlimited fun is open all days of the week!

Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sundays and National Holidays 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM

2. Is the park open on Sunday and National Holidays

Yes, It is. On Sundays and National Holidays, it is open from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM

3. Is there a dress code for the visitors?

No compulsory dress code for visitors but recommended to use decent Nylon or Lycra swim wear.

4. Can I leave the park and return on the same day?

The park entry tickets are valid for one time entry and the visitors are not permitted to re-enter the park after they exit the park.

5. Can I withdraw cash? Is there ATM facility?

No, we don’t have an ATM inside the park.

6. If I wish to talk to inquire about things, what time should I call?

In case of queries and doubts, please feel free to contact us anytime during our working hours.

Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sundays and National Holidays 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM

7. Where can I find information regarding guests requiring medical help?

The first aid facility is marked in the handout given to the visitors and any medical help can be availed by informing the life guards / authorized park personnel at the park premises.

8. Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes, you can. Book your ticket here

9. Can towels, Lockers and tubes be rented?

Towels and Lockers are available at nominal rent and the use of inflatable tubes is complimentary.

10. What options are there for groups?

GRS offers a number of group offers and discounts.View more here.

11. How are the rides classified? How do I know if I will enjoy the rides?

The rides are classified according to the level of thrill, as Kids rides, Family Rides and Thrill Rides. Based on the degree of thrill you prefer, you can choose between the number of options that we have for Family and Thrill Rides.

12. Is outside food allowed in the Park?

No, it isn’t.

13. What is the best way to reach GRS?

The best way to reach GRS is in a cab or a rickshaw from the city of Mysore. Detailed directions can be found here.

14. Where can I get a map of the park?

The map of the park is distributed at the entrance of the park. You can also go through the map online.

15. What measures do you take to prevent waterborne diseases?

All the water in the park is continuously recycled in our state of the art ETP plants for use in horticulture. Apart from this the water from all the pools is also chlorinated after park closing hours. We ensure that free chlorine level is maintained in the human safe range.

16. How do you test the quality of water?

We test critical parameters like free chlorine, PH & TDS in our own laboratory at the park as per standard operating procedure and guidelines.

17. Won't water at the park be too cold during winter season?

Mysore winters make the water only refreshingly cold.

18. Do I get drinking water within the complex or do I have to bring it from outside?

RO purified water is provided at designated places in the park. Visitors can also buy mineral water available in kiosks and food counters.

19. What kind of food is available in the park?

Visitors have different ranges of food selection. A wide range of multi cuisines such as South India, north Indian, Non-vegetarian, Chinese and Ice creams are available.

20. I wonder if my personal belongings are safe at the park!

Lockers are available at the park premises where you can keep your belongings safe. However large amounts of cash, jewelry and other valuable items should be avoided.

21. Is the park safe for women and children?

Security shouldn't be your concern. We have abundance security personnel and life guards to look after your safety.

22. Do I have to bring my own swimwear?

You are allowed to use your own swim wear. We also have swim wear rental facilities at the park where you can rent sterilized costumes at a nominal cost. You can also buy costumes in case of need.

23. Do I have to pay for individual rides?

Entry tickets cover all rides except 5D ride and grass cricket. These can be availed at the park at a nominal charge.

24. Are there any concessions for senior citizens?

The park gives a concession of 58% on the entry tickets for senior citizens over 60 years of age.

25. Are cameras allowed?

Yes cameras are allowed inside the park at no extra cost.

26. What am I not allowed to bring to GRS Fantasy Park?

Food from outside, weapons, narcotic substances and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the park. Please see park rules for further clarifications.

27. Does GRS Fantasy Park have a First Aid Station?

Yes. We are fully equipped to offer first aid in case of an unlikely accident or injury. We also have an ambulance in-house in case of unfortunate incidents.

28. What should I do if I get separated from my group?

You can either report to the reception or you can inform the patrolling securities nearby and an open announcement will be made from reception on the public announcement system in case of need.

29. What should I do if I lose something at the Park?

We do our best to help our guests find their belongings in case they misplace them. We request you to please lodge a complaint at the front counter in case you misplace any of your belongings.

30. Does GRS accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept majority of the credit cards.

31. Can I smoke in GRS Fantasy Park?

Smoking is prohibited in the common areas of the park, especially near the water bodies and kids zones. Kindly use the specified area for the same.

32. Is there accessibility assistance available for guests?

To add to the level of comfort, we have special washrooms, wheelchair tracks and other facilities for the differently abled and aged.

33. Are there height restrictions on the Park's attractions?

Yes. For few amusements such as Columbus, rock climbing, pendulum, aqua tornado, aqua racer minimum height requirement is above 4.5 ft.

34. Can I still ride rides if I'm pregnant/just had surgery/have back problems/etc

If you are pregnant you are advised to avoid both dry rides and wet rides. But you can enjoy kids’ pool, lazy river, ADF and wave pool. Also, guest with heart ailments, high blood pressure or any chronic health condition are advice to restrain from thrill and adventure rides/slides.